space science
  An ozone layer map.
The Good, the Bad and the Ozone
The story of a molecule and the spacecraft designed to help us understand it.
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  Artist's concept of Aura spacecraft
The Science of Aura
Learn more about the three questions that Aura's Mission will attempt to answer.
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  Aura satellite
Aura to Check Health of Earth's Atmosphere
A mission to understand and protect the air we breathe.
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  Stratospheric Ozone
The Stratosphere: Where Ozone Protects
Learn more about good ozone.
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  Troposphere air quality button icon
The Troposphere: Where Ozone Pollutes
Find out when too much ozone is a bad thing.
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Climate change video icon
Aura Will Help Understand Climate Change
Learn more about how Aura will enhance climate research.
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