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Aura Top 10 Discoveries

Approaching its second anniversary since launching in July 2004, Aura has been retrieving information and producing valueable data of the Earth and its atmospheric properties. Each instrument working individually and alongside its counterparts to bring us ozone measurements, tropospheric maps of carbon monoxide and cloud ice, as well as measurements in the stratosphere.
Aura Top 10 Discoveries
Image above: First global tropospheric maps show streams of tropospheric ozone crossing the oceans

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NASA Satellite Eyes Atmosphere to Improve Pollution and Climate Forecasting
Using satellites, regional air pollution and their sources can now be observed closely from space.
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Arctic Air Helps Us Learn About Our Climate
Scientists head north to learn about air quality, ozone, and climate change predictions.
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NASA's Aura: New Eye for Clean Air
The instruments onboard Aura will help scientists monitor pollution production and transport around the world.
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The Good, the Bad and the Ozone
The story of a molecule and the spacecraft designed to help us understand it.
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  Aura satellite
Aura to Check Health of Earth's Atmosphere
A mission to understand and protect the air we breathe.
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  01.31.07 - A NASA Space Sleuth Hunts the Trail of Earth's Water
For the first time, NASA scientists have used a shrewd spaceborne detective to track the origin and movement of water vapor throughout Earth's atmosphere.
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  12.14.06 - NASA Tropical Ozone Studies Yield Surprises
Two new NASA-funded studies of ozone in the tropics using NASA satellite data not previously available are giving scientists a fuller understanding of the processes driving ozone chemistry and its impacts on pollution and climate change.
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  08.03.06 - Washington Getting a Summertime Air Quality Exam
Since early July Washington area skies have been subjected to a powerful array of scientific instruments -- in space and on the ground -- to dissect the region's atmosphere.
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  06.29.06 - Scientists Find Antarctic Ozone Hole to Recover Later Than Expected
Read more about a NASA study that finds clock is ticking slower on ozone hole recovery.
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Tropospheric Ozone
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Stratospheric Ozone
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Thermal Vacuum Testing
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  Aura Mission
Learn more about this Earth observing mission.
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  Boeing's Delta Information Site
Learn about Boeing's Delta II launch vehicles.
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